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Enjoy the benefits of a drier, healthier home simply by installing a Showerdome.

Problem: Bathroom Moisture

It's annoying and damaging... steamed up mirrors, wet walls and ceilings, slippery floors and paint damage - all caused by condensation, mould and mildew.

Solution: Showerdome

Now you can do away with these costly problems by installing the simple effective SHOWERDOME. We have a range of shapes and sizes to suit most existing and new shower cubicles.

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D.I.Y. Installation Kit (includes support rails and instructions) $9
Standard Installation approx. $135

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Client Feedback

After we moved into our house in 2002, we had to repaint the bathroom in 2004 because of the paint starting to peel and mould forming on the walls and ceiling. The bathroom has an extractor fan. In 2006 we had to re-do the bathroom and used anti-mould paint. This did not last either, and in 2009 we had to repaint again when the bathroom really became unsightly. Our builder suggested the installation of a Showerdome, and so we did. Now in 2012, the bathroom walls and ceiling still look pristine. No mould, no peeling of the paint. A great return on investment as it saves us the cost of having to repaint and the inconvenience of having a dirty looking bathroom! Jan Willem Strijker - Auckland

Showerdome Research

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Waikato University provided extensive research on the performance of Showerdome. View the report.


Showerdome Ltd and Unovent Ltd are affiliated NZ enterprises successful at reducing unwanted moisture in the home with simple and effective solutions.

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