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Enjoy the benefits of a drier, healthier home simply by installing a Showerdome.

Problem: Bathroom Moisture

It's annoying and damaging... steamed up mirrors, wet walls and ceilings, slippery floors and paint damage - all caused by condensation, mould and mildew.

Solution: Showerdome

Now you can do away with these costly problems by installing the simple effective SHOWERDOME. We have a range of shapes and sizes to suit most existing and new shower cubicles.

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D.I.Y. Installation Kit (includes support rails and instructions) $9
Standard Installation approx. $135

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Client Feedback

When my wife suggested we fit a Showerdome I was very skeptical that it would work. I mean to say, claims of bathrooms remaining dry and no misting on mirrors and feeling warmer in the shower because its draft free - well, it all sounded like advertising hype winning out over truth. Anyway, as my wife insisted, we installed the Showerdome. So how does it perform? Absolutely bloody sensational! It does everything that it claims and without any overstatement. We will now be putting a Showerdome on the other shower in the house and that also goes for any other house we live in, in the future. This simple device surely has to be the most cheap and effective way of reducing condensation and associated mould and mildew in bathrooms. We live in Whangarei which is one damp, humid environment. I do have one complaint, we also paid to get an extractor fan fitted - it has proved to be completely uneeded. Thanks for a great product. John and Rosie Clarke, Whangarei

Showerdome Research

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Waikato University provided extensive research on the performance of Showerdome. View the report.


Showerdome Ltd and Unovent Ltd are affiliated NZ enterprises successful at reducing unwanted moisture in the home with simple and effective solutions.

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